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Grief is not EASY.


But it can be EASIER when we have the tools and insights. I'd like to share with you a FREE workbook and video series to help you begin the healing process.


Receive Tiffany's FREE grief training with 40-page printable workbook and 6 videos. Learn key factors in healing grief and trauma.

Understand the 3 things that don't heal over time. Find the answers to the 2 questions you may be asking yourself right now. And understand how grief in your family of origin has affected who are you today.

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  • 40 Page Printable Workbook
  • 6 Video Trainings (90 min)
  • 30 Day Griever's Journal
  • Grief Lifeline Exercise
  • Grief Pedigree Chart
  • New Bucket List Exercise
  • Life Anchors Exercise


is a clinical corporate and hospice chaplain. She has authored multiple books on emotional wellness.

Tiffany co-founded a non-profit raising over 3 million dollars for needy Utah families and was featured in Oprah’s Big Give and People Magazine. Tiffany has been named in the Daily Herald’s 50 Fabulous People and Utah’s Top 100.

She served her state as Mrs. Utah United States 2007 and was widowed by cancer as a mother of five children in 2009. Since that time she has been an advocate for hospice and the work of healthcare professionals.

Key Anchors


When grieving, your days may blur together into weeks, months, and years.

Learn how to schedule your day to support your healing. Understand the key anchors that will help you feel rooted in your physical, relational, spiritual and financial world.

Recognize that margins that must be added to your day to allow for grace and permission to heal.


Thank you for doing this Grief Systems! You are so wonderful. You shine!

YOU make the room sooo safe you can go down into your darkest HELL pick up the hottest piece of coal and be OK with the heat of that nugget that you would never have approached.

I absolutely know your process works.

I was TALKING ABOUT YOU today. Telling this person how beautiful you were inside and out. Telling her how much your grief course had changed my life on so many levels. After I took a breath (you know I like to talk) she said I love Tiffany Coughran!

You are in my HEAD and I am making progress!

Great training Tiffany. Loved it, I could not give any feedback or change a thing. I learned alot, and you reframed + reminded me of some things I know, but have forgotten. So I loved that ALL.